Bot capabilities

  • Auto farm any carious dungeons, works in abyss mode too!Smart rune upgrade/sell
  • You can play the game while using botExclusive!
  • Auto guild warExclusive!
  • Auto arena Exclusive
  • Auto daily questsExclusive
  • Auto redeem new codesExclusive
  • No ATK ProxyExclusive
  • Auto toa/toah/toa hell
  • Auto farm rift dunegons(r5 excluded)
  • Auto farm dimension hole.
  • Auto refresh normal/guild shop(bot)
  • Auto click monsters in exp building(bot)Exclusive
  • Fully utilize auto regenerated energy.(bot)

Before your starting, if you play sw on android 7 and above, please use emulator otherwise it won’t work. Nox is confirmed working on all android version.

How to start

1. Download amazing bot program here。
2. Install summoners war auto farming system。
3. Open program and click new, configure proxy on your phone properly。
4. Connect your phone to wifi and make sure PC and phone are in the same LAN, if you use emulators, skip this step.
5. Configure proxy with the ip:port shown in step3 on your phone(IP shown in step3 is,port is 13242)。HOW TO SET PROXY ON ANDROID.
6. Use your phone’s DEFAULT BROWSER(safari on iOS), navigate to http://cert/ and install the certificate!(YOU MUST TRUST THE CERT AFTER IOS 10.3, Click here to learn more)
If you are using nox emulator, you can just click “emulator cert install” button in app, if that fails, try enabling usb debugging in develop mode. howto:
7. Restart the game in your phone。
8.Now the auto farming system will login your account, new users will get 1 day trial for free。
8. Please read this
9. Active or purchase your subscription by clicking active button , enjoy your botting !
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