Please READ before using this amazing bot!

About login simultaneously.
  • This bot allows you login simultaneously on your phone.
  • Logout sw on your phone/login sw in other devices will instantly interrupt the bot.
  • Please don’t enter battle while using bot, otherwise it may lead to account ban.
About battles
  • All battles are GUARANTEED WIN.
  • All 2/4/6 flat main stat runes(speed excluded) will be sold.
  • All battles will exit when your crystals are lower than 300.
About teams used in battles.
  • Bot uses recent team in arena/toa/toah/gw/dhole normal dungeon.
  • Bot uses your best record team in cairos/rifts/dhole rune dungeon, it won’t break your best record.
  • Please relogin in bot proxy to update dhole normal dungeon teams or any recent teams.
About scenario function.
  • It will upgrade any non-max-level monsters that are NOT in any buildings.
  • It will enter faimon hell 1, so please unlock this scenario first.
  • Please move any monsters that you don’t wanna upgrade into storage.
  • Before using this function, please relogin in bot proxy to update the monsters’ stats
About bot function
  • Bot won’t use your crystals for dungeon
  • Bot utilizes the auto regenerate energy to do dungeon and gw.
  • Bot will click any monsters in exp buildings every 10 minutes.
About energy purchasing
  • Buy energy with friendship points first.
  • Buy energy with crystals, 60 for 190.
  • It won’t buy energy if your crystals are lower than 300.